Pro Jersey Shop / January 9, 2023

2022/23 Barcelona home kit, a homage to Olympics

Every year, millions of fans purchase the Barcelona home kit, and with the 2022/23 design paying homage to history, they have made even better sales than usual.

202223-barcelona-home-kit-a-homage-to-olympics (1).jpg


Last season, Barca had a more polished cup kit and a lighter top - but for the 22/23 season, Nike is back on track with a more traditional feeling design that pays homage to the Barcelona Olympics, as the city celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Olympics. Therefore, Nike added gold logos and flourishes over the jersey to tie everything together. There's also the traditional Catalan Senyera flag of red and yellow on the back of the neck, making this shirt one of the best we'll see for next season.

202223-barcelona-home-kit-a-homage-to-olympics (4).jpg


The Olympic Games brought social and cultural changes, as well as urban development, to all Barcelona residents, and the design of the Barca 2022 2023 home jersey pays homage to that. The stripes of different colors on the shirt represent the creation of new spaces, especially the new connection to the sea, where red alternates with two different blues, one navy, and the other lighter. The same navy blue appears on the collar, sleeves, shorts, and socks.

202223-barcelona-home-kit-a-homage-to-olympics (3).jpg


If the rumors are to be believed, the Olympics will also be the theme of the away kit - as Barcelona are also said to be getting an all-gold belt to accompany the kit.

202223-barcelona-home-kit-a-homage-to-olympics (2).jpg


The 22/23 home kit is also the first to feature the club's new sponsor Spotify, the Swedish audio streaming and media service provider in the usual slot in sesame tones.