Pro Jersey Shop / February 24, 2023

7 Best Soccer Jerseys of 2022/23

Do you have your 2022 best soccer jerseys list ready? It's impossible to stay neutral when it comes to soccer jerseys. They carry a rich cultural significance with their own legacy, tales, and charm. From the soccer jerseys you grew up with to the first one you owned, the ones you adored, despised, and everything in between, they hold as much importance as the game itself. The year 2022 has been no exception, offering us an array of exceptional, lovely, and poor jerseys. Without further ado, here are the finest soccer jerseys of the year.


AC Milan soccer jersey

AC Milan home jersey 2022/23

AC Milan soccer jersey.png


Puma deserves extra credit for this design as it's incredibly challenging to reimagine the classic black and white stripes. Previous attempts by the brand have been unsuccessful, but this particular effort stands out for its simplicity, reminiscent of the early 2000s. The addition of the Italian flag around the cuffs is a stunning detail that enhances the overall look. This is unquestionably Puma's most impressive work since collaborating with Milan.

Manchester City away soccer jersey

Manchester City away jersey 2022/23

Manchester City away jersey 202223.png

In the past, Puma has had some questionable ideas for Manchester City's jerseys, including outfits that would make Pep Guardiola's kids cringe and an ill-advised attempt to reflect the heart of Manchester through appropriation. However, this time around, Puma has hit the mark by paying homage to the quintessential City away strip, featuring black and red stripes. The slight rotation of the stripes is a welcomed compromise, and the yellow detailing adds a nice finishing touch. Overall, this jersey takes us back and is sure to be a fan favorite.


Venezia third soccer jersey

Venuzia third jersey 2022/23

Venuzia third jersey 202223.png

Venezia FC may face ridicule from some for prioritizing fashion over their football performance. It is undeniable that their quick descent back to Serie B after relegation only adds fuel to such criticisms. However, the Italian club remains unrivaled in terms of their stylish appearance within the league. Their three Kappa shirts, featuring a revamped "V" crest, are all superbly designed, but the striking third jersey with its glittering gold hue and bold black collar stands out as the standout piece.

Roma home soccer jersey

Roma home jersey 2022/23

Roma home jersey 202223.png

The 2022/23 Roma home jersey is set to be produced by Adidas, as reported. While this is exciting news, it's important to recognize the impressive work done by New Balance during their brief tenure as Roma's kit manufacturer.

Ajax away soccer jersey

Ajax away jersey 2022/23

Ajax away jersey.png

The current home kit for this season is truly stunning, featuring intricate patterns etched into the fabric and vibrant accents that complement the deep, rich red hue. Throughout the years, the Europa Conference champions have donned some truly remarkable kits, and this one easily stands among the top of the list.


Crystal Palace away soccer jersey

Crystal Palace away jersey 2022/23

Crystal Palace away jersey.png

Debate may arise among yourselves regarding who the top new signing in the Premier League this season is, whether it's Erling Haaland or Darwin Nunez. However, it's no secret that Macron is the actual winner here. This manufacturer has truly outdone themselves, especially with the home, away, and third kits of Crystal Palace, where they have incorporated scribbles that refresh stripes without upsetting a large portion of supporters. The consistency of this principle across all three shirts is commendable, and the away kit is particularly impressive. It boasts a clean and simple design, a better-looking sponsor, and effortless embellishments that give it a stunning appearance. This might just be the finest Crystal Palace shirt since the TDK era.


Norwich City home soccer jersey

Norwish City home jersey 2022/23

Norwich City home soccer jersey.png

Is there really no such thing as a perfect soccer jersey? Think again. As the younger generation would say, this one is absolutely amazing. The Norwich City badge has undergone a much-needed revamp and now looks stunning. The pinstripes are sleek, and the smart Lotus logo of their elite sponsor fits perfectly between them. The wrap collar is simply gorgeous, and the shades of both yellow and green are an excellent match.

To top it off, the Canaries have also released an almost equally impressive dark red shirt. If Dean Smith's team fails to secure promotion while wearing these incredible jerseys, it would be a great injustice and arguably the biggest disappointment in football since the infamous Hand of God incident.