Pro Jersey Shop / August 31, 2022

What you can see from Manchester United 2022/23 jersey in new season?

The new season have started. Winning two games in a row in the Premier League for the first time since February, the Red Devils will be hoping to carry this momentum on as they look to build on what has been a horrendous start to the season.


In the new season game, goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford earned Man Utd victory against rivals Liverpool. 


Man United 2-1 Liverpool: Red Devils produce a fine display out of now where to earn Erik ten Hag's first win.


Manchester United and Adidas also bring new home and away jerseys for the new season to fans. Let's take a look at Manchester United's new jerseys.

Manchester United 2022-23 new home jersey

manchester-united-202223-home-jersey (1).jpgmanchester-united-202223-home-jersey (3).jpg

Manchester United's new home jersey for the new season uses white as the colorway on the classic theme color red.

Among them, the most obvious change in appearance is that on their collars, not only a new collar is added, but also the group above is the most classic "M". The elements of the "M" letter used to appear frequently in the Manchester United team's previous jerseys. The jersey material has also been greatly upgraded. The jersey can help players wick away sweat and increase air circulation.


Manchester United 2022-23 new away jersey


Manchester United's new away jersey in the new season is still dominated by white, black, and red. The away jersey does not use the home polo collar on the player's collar, just like the usual kind of collar, but there are more white and red lines in it. Manchester United's away jersey is still more classic, with a white theme.


Manchester United 2022-23 second away jersey


The Red Devils came into the game on the back of a fantastic win against Southampton on August 27 by wearing the new second away jersey.

Southampton 0 Man Utd 1.jpg

Southampton 0-1 Manchester United

The all-over Venom green jersey sets itself apart from the home and away jerseys with its bright color while incorporating geometric patterns similar to the rest of the season's jerseys.

Although never fully used in the design of the kit before, green has a strong connection to Manchester United's history. It's part of some of the most prestigious moments in the club's history, evolving from the traditional goalkeeper's shirt color to the more out-of-the-box color in recent years. The jersey also features a chic ribbed crew neck and features a unique pattern inspired by the fashion culture of the '90s zeitgeist.


At present, Manchester United's home jerseys, away jerseys, and second away jerseys are all launched at Pro Jersey shop. By wearing the new jersey, what surprises will Manchester United bring us in the new season? Let's look forward to seeing them in the coming games of the new season.